Widespread cellulite :

Appears exclusively in obese women with unbalanced eating habits. Begins at puberty and with increasing age are often factors increasingly unfavorable . Disorders increases causing significant aesthetic changes.

Localized cellulite .

Localized cellulite painful phenomena originate , shows areas where preference are the legs , abdomen , buttocks , ankles , lower back , upper arms , upper back under the Fair shoulders.
This type of cellulite it is observed at puberty and in young people 16 to 20 years, in special cases up to 35 years . When it appears in adult women report having had them with important localized fat legs .
From the beginning there is the sign of " Orange Peel " .
- Pain , heaviness and " tired legs syndrome "
- Edema important .
- Difficulty in mobility.
- Spontaneous and provoked pain .

Hard cellulite :

This type of cellulite is usually seen in athletes or dancers with firm, well-toned fabrics. Evidenced by the pinch test with the appearance of " orange peel " .
Due to poor nutrition and oxygenation , the epidermal layer is thin and dry and rough appearance . Therefore, in general, coincide with the appearance of stretch marks as a result of the breakdown of the elastic fibers of the skin.
This type of cellulite no spontaneous or provoked pain

Flaccid cellulite :

It is typical for sedentary people or those who were once active and are not . It also occurs in people who have been subjected to different types of treatment , where they have gained and lost weight suddenly.

In summary :
This type of cellulite is observed as a result of inactivity or in women who always did gymnastics and then abandoned the practice of that physical activity.
It also occurs in patients undergoing dietary treatments with subsequent recovery of excess weight
Symptoms of this type of cellulite :
- Poor muscle tone that deformacione , areas that sink or crush the lower compression .
- Walking rolling mass seen cellulite .
- " Orange Peel " eye.
- Permanent Fatigue .
- General weakness .
- Dizziness and tendency to hypotension .
- Nervousness .
- Insomnia .
- Often associated with: varicose veins, varicose veins , edema with soft fluid retention.

Edematous cellulite :

It is found in women of all ages but is more common in young people and adolescents . In older women usually presents as thick legs . It is mainly located in the lower limbs and the skin presents at a glance the typical orange peel.
Finally we say that all types of cellulitis, reported earlier , we are treated in our institution .