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Botox Raul Balancino


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To attenuate wrinkles and have a younger face. The results are obtained almost immediately, giving a natural look to the face without removing expressiveness. It is a safe and effective long-term treatment. Totally painless . 

Advantages of Botulinum Toxin 

It can be applied at any time of year. It is not contraindicated with sun exposure . 

For application doesn't require anesthesia or cause scarring. 


Dr.Raul Balanzino


Dr. Raúl Balanzino Maggi

Coleg. 29/08887 -Málaga .España.

Specialist in Phlebology and Lymphology. National Universidad of Cordoba Arg  

Aesthetic medical school accredited by the Medical Officer of Malaga. Spain  

Specialist in Color-Doppler. U.N.C. Argentina.  

Member of the Spanish Chapter of Phlebology and Lymphology.  

Full member of the Medesma. Association of Malaga Aesthetic Medicine. 


Varicose without surgery


Foam Sclerotherapy  

It means the direct application of a sclerotic agent that causes functional collapse of the varicose vein. It's a simple process that currently represents the most decisive and less aggressive treatment for these problems. This technique is performed on an outpatient basis , without surgery, without anesthesia and without scars. A variant of this technique is the vascular sclerotherapy with microfoam reserved for larger veins . 

Vascular Laser Diode 

• The application of the laser ( fotosclerotherapy ) .